Autism Acceptance Month – Day 15


Everyone Should Know…

Hmm. I guess here there’s a few points that I want to cover quickly:

  • Autism Speaks is harmful to us, so please don’t light it up blue. Light it up red or gold.
  • ABA is basically what conversion therapy is for gay people (I say this as someone who is gay)
  • Autistic people prefer identity first language
  • You should always listen to autistic people first and everyone else second
  • A lot of autistic stereotypes aren’t true for a lot of autistic people, like not being able to understand sarcasm

There’s probably loads more that I’m forgetting but I have loads to do today so my head is in a planet of its own!!

Let me know what you’d add


Autism Acceptance Month – Day Eight

autism acceptance month

Favourite Autistic Blog:

I honestly don’t know because I can’t say I follow many autistic blogs. Which actually gives me a perfect opportunity for you to tell me yours if you’re autistic or share your favourite autistic blogs. I really would like to follow more and interact with more autistic people in the blogging world!