Autism Acceptance Month – Day Nine

autism acceptance month

Favourite Autistic Owned Buisness:

Okay, this one is easy! I may be biased because we’ve been friends for a really long time now, but Beth Wilson is extremely talented and I would have loved their shops regardless of whether I knew them or not – they’re rainbow and cat themed! They also do some autism related stuff on their Etsy store.

You can follow them at @doodlebeth or @doodlecats on Twitter.

Their Doodlecats shop can be found here

Their Etsy store can be found here

They can also be found at Beth Wilson on Facebook, and they can be found on Instagram as well

I think I have an extra fondness for this store because I’m an animal lover, and I have a cat called Tessa that I absolutely adore. Finding things designed with black cats in mind can be difficult. Black cats are just, unfortunately, not very popular :c

I’ve bought various pins from both stores, and some clothes and stationary from Doodlecats.

I highly, highly reccomend her.