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Some More New Books!

Hey! So I recently posted on my Twitter not that long ago that I wasn't in any desperate need of money but I did mention how I was low income and one of my mutuals suggested that I post my book wishlist so I did and three people so very kindly bought me some books.… Continue reading Some More New Books!


Some New Books

Hey! So, not all of these books were bought my me, some of these were given to me. I'll make sure to specify when a book was given to me. I don't really do monthly book hauls because...I don't know, I guess I just never buy a lot of books all at once. I just… Continue reading Some New Books

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Tag Tuesdays || Beauty and the Beast ’91

Hi! Tag Tuesdays are a weekly meme where I find a tag or make one up on my own and answer the questions. This week, I decided to make my own based on my favourite movie of all time - the 1991 Disney animated version of Beauty and the Beast. I've seen one around for… Continue reading Tag Tuesdays || Beauty and the Beast ’91