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Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies! – Part One

Hey! I think these are my favourite types of things to watch during the Halloween season - child-friendly Halloween movies, instead of super scary horror movies! They really make me feel in the festive mood. I can't wait to marathon through these! I don't even own most of these yet but if I see them… Continue reading Kid-Friendly Halloween Movies! – Part One

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My Favourite (Modern) Horror Movies!

Hello! It's my favourite month, it has finally arrived! I even decorated my blog to celebrate the occasion. This month shall be filled with Halloween-related posts (well, I'll try my best to anyway!). Although I'm a big fan of horror movies, I really should specify paranormal horror movies because blood and gore and things don't… Continue reading My Favourite (Modern) Horror Movies!

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September Reading Wrap-Up ’17

Hello! September feels like it went on forever while, at the same time, it felt like it just zoomed by. You know? Anyway, I started Level 3 Animal Management at college about four weeks ago so I haven't read as much as I would have liked to, but I still read and I think my… Continue reading September Reading Wrap-Up ’17


Netgalley Reading List/Currently Reading

Heeey! You can tell I'm running low on inspiration when I'm re-using an idea I did not that long ago, but ever so slightly different. I promise that I'll try and get some books finished soon so I can have some long time coming reviews up, yay! Anyway, here are the books I have left… Continue reading Netgalley Reading List/Currently Reading

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REVIEW | The House by Drew Zucker and Philip Sevy, #1-6

Some of you may know (especially if you've followed me here from my previous blog) that I am a rather big horror fan. Although I'm not really big on gore/zombies, that kind of thing, I love paranormal, physiological type horrors.  I like the feeling of tension, I like stories that make you think and make… Continue reading REVIEW | The House by Drew Zucker and Philip Sevy, #1-6

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What I Read in July ’17 – COMICS

Hello! If you missed the last post, you can read it here. I decided to split this post into two as, otherwise, it would have made the original post way too long and this way people who are into books can read specifically that section and vice versa. I really enjoyed this months choice of… Continue reading What I Read in July ’17 – COMICS

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What I Read in July ’17

Hey! So, although this month wasn't as good as last months and I got into a bit of a reading slump, I think I still did quite well for me personally. I also didn't really manage to pick books that were as good as last months, either (and the same seemed to work for comics… Continue reading What I Read in July ’17