July Book Haul!

Hey! July seemed to absolutely zoom past, I don't even know where it's gone. I'm kind of dreading going back to college, which is really soon now! On the positive side, this month is my birthday month! I'm 21! Yay! I'm super excited. This month I bought myself two books and then four people were… Continue reading July Book Haul!

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What I Read in July ’17

Hey! So, although this month wasn't as good as last months and I got into a bit of a reading slump, I think I still did quite well for me personally. I also didn't really manage to pick books that were as good as last months, either (and the same seemed to work for comics… Continue reading What I Read in July ’17

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REVIEW: The Paths We Choose by M.Hollis

Publisher: Self-published on Amazon, April 2017 Pages: 119, Kindle Synopsis: Lily Ferrari enjoys having control over every detail of her life. Ever since she left her parents' house to gain her freedom, she decided to fully own her autonomy. But an unexpected visit from her little brother may change the path she chooses to follow.… Continue reading REVIEW: The Paths We Choose by M.Hollis

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COMIC REVIEW | Tomboy 1-11 by Mia Goodwin

Art By: Michelle Wong Covers By: Mia Goodwin and Danny Araya Tomboy┬áis a twelve-comic long series following a young girl called Addison who spins into what appears to be insanity after losing her best friend, Nick, to murder on her birthday. What Adi didn't know is that this was going to be the start of… Continue reading COMIC REVIEW | Tomboy 1-11 by Mia Goodwin

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The Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

I found this tag over on A Sunlit Library and thought "I haven't done a tag in a while, why not today?". I wasn't tagged by anyone and, as usual, if you want to do this tag then you are tagged by me. I've only read 31 books so far, and 8 of them were… Continue reading The Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag