Book Car Boot Sale #2

So I went to the cheap book shop again after saying I didn't need anymore books! But this time it was for a purpose. I've been trying to build up my Discworld collection for a while now, and I wanted to buy all the ones that I don't have and then try and find the... Continue Reading →


Warehouse Book Haul #1

Hello! So almost every weekend I go to a book warehouse where books vary from 25p to £2 (so, of course, very very cheap!!). This does mean that I buy a lot of books that I probably don't need and will never get around to reading, so it might make more sense just to do... Continue Reading →

What I Read in April ’19

The Poet X Elizabeth Agevedo Surprisingly, I really liked this. I'm not the biggest poetry fan in the world but I love how she expressed who she was and what she was going through via poems. It was so emotional and profound. I love how tough the main charecter is, as well. I really love... Continue Reading →

Fluffy’s Revolution / Ted Byers

  Summary: It's 2135. Fluffy is a super-intelligent GAB (Genetically Altered Brain) cat. Like many dogs, cats, mice, and the occasional pig, her brain is the product of genetic tinkering by humans that started more than a century ago. With their powers of telekinesis, the animals can manipulate physical objects without being able to grasp... Continue Reading →

March Book Haul!!

I very rarely upload monthly book hauls, and I'm not sure why because I live near plenty of discount book places so I can get books for as cheap as 25p per book. This means I do acquire many, many books. I had even more this month due to an accident where I was bitten... Continue Reading →

My Top Ten All-Time Favourites

I know I've already written a favourites po st in the past, but my favourites change so much that I just wanted to rewrite it for what my current favourites are. In a couple of months, they might be completely different but I personally like that because that means I'm reading a lot of great,... Continue Reading →

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